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  • Stuffed Jalapeño Skins

    Stuffed Jalapeños

    Perhaps the coziest time to be in the kitchen is after the snow falls, bouncing light between its crystals and making everything just so quiet. While I was working on this recipe, gorgeous light filtered through the window, allowing me to capture the smooth green of jalapeños which would soon be split and seeded. Harvested […]

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  • Kissable Lip Scrub

    Kissable Lip Scrub

    So many ways of kissing. So many ways of being kissed. Unfortunately, chilly wind and blazing sun wreak havoc on even the plumpest lips. Whether you’ve been on the slopes, relaxing in the sand, or (more often) running errands downtown, treat yourself to a gentle lip scrub to get rid of that dry, chapped feeling. […]

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  • Roasted Pineapple Salsa

    Roasted Pineapple Salsa

    Fresh salsa is so much tastier than canned varieties that you will wonder why you haven’t been making it all along. You’ll also wonder why you’ve never used a pineapple as a salsa bowl. Fortunately, there is a bit of time to ponder such things while you watch the oven for signs of caramelization on […]

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  • Recipe for Romance

    Botticelli Birth of Venus

    Image: Sandro Botticelli / Birth of Venus Food and love are intertwined in beautiful and surprising ways. Leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’ll be talking about just that in a series of Recipe for Romance classes. Join me in person to learn about historic aphrodisiacs, food myths and facts, and inspiration for intimate gatherings as […]