Winter Coast

Right before Thanksgiving, we went to the coast for a pre-snow, pre-holiday getaway. The street planters downtown were full of holly berries and flowering kale, and the surf was the tempo of wintertime festivities lined up one behind the next. Huddled up on a tiny beach, looking down at my boots, I heard my husband ask if my feet were toasty and warm.

Among his admirable qualities, my husband believes in the power of appropriate footwear. Since the cold weather will not stop me from searching door to door for the best seafood BLT, and a snowstorm magnetically pulls me out of the house for a cozy dinner, he has become quite scientific about the thicknesses of socks and boot linings, as well as their proper ratios, and don’t get me started on treads.

As someone who pushes the limits of sandals season way past reasonableness, I need a partner who will tempt me into cozy socks, soft linings, and waterproof uppers before I dart out into the chilly rain for a coal-fired pizza. I like to think he needs a partner who will take him out for miles of missions, testing his imperviousness to the weather. Since we have been together, he has honed his bundling skills, and I have accumulated quite a collection of boots.

In support of your own cozy travels near and far, I recommend that you step into the fluffiest softness you can find and head out for a glimpse of the coast or a bite of something delicious.

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