Fresh Orange Home Spa Treatment

orange spa treatment

This week we are getting gritty. So grab your favorite sugar or salt scrub, a few fresh oranges, and maybe even your partner.

Of all the seasons, summer is full of so many wonderful textures – sand on your feet, the slight grain of ocean water on your body, and the fluff of a beach towel afterward. Then there is the pleasure of returning home sun-tired, taking a hot shower, and wrapping yourself in a soft robe.

While it isn’t always possible to hit the beach mid-week, you can give yourself a spa treatment at home that is reminiscent of the same textures. The best part is that it requires only a few ingredients, which you already may have on hand. Fresh oranges are the real star of this treatment so think about their delicious scent when selecting a scrub that will be complementary. Herbal ingredients like lavender or flower-based scents such as peony blend well. Scrubs with vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon smell delicious when combined with bright citrus.

Grab a beautiful tray, cut a few oranges in half, and scoop some of your scrub into a small bowl. The treatment is simple yet luxurious. Apply the salt or sugar to your body in a warm shower and use the flat, juicy surface of the orange to rub it in gently. The juice is released even further by the steam, and its scent becomes very concentrated – relaxing while invoking the sunny, warm feel of being at the beach. Due to the citric acid and the gentle exfoliation, your skin becomes even more smooth and soft.

Called the “fruit of fire” by Pablo Neruda, oranges are ideal for a couples’ shower. When halved, they fit perfectly in your hand, and the flat side can be used to massage or scrub your partner. Unlike oils or lotions, they are clean and naturally taste incredible.

Indulge on your own or with your partner, rinse clean, and wrap yourself in the fluffiest robe. Close your eyes and you might hear some distant waves.

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