Kissable Lip Scrub

Kissable Lip Scrub

So many ways of kissing. So many ways of being kissed. Unfortunately, chilly wind and blazing sun wreak havoc on even the plumpest lips. Whether you’ve been on the slopes, relaxing in the sand, or (more often) running errands downtown, treat yourself to a gentle lip scrub to get rid of that dry, chapped feeling. With three simple culinary ingredients, you are on your way to being even more kissable.Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub

Lately I’ve been feeling like even natural products have too many ingredients. The lists are long, and I find myself deciphering their purposes. How many botanical extracts really are necessary in one shampoo? I consider this lip scrub to be part of a product detox. While you can certainly buy an exfoliator off the shelf, this one smells like culinary goodness, and it works. The ingredients are not only natural but edible, meaning it’s perfectly fine to taste before using, and if you start craving a vanilla cupcake, that’s ok too.


1 tablespoon granulated sugar
½ teaspoon vanilla bean powder
½ teaspoon olive oil

Aromatic vanilla is laced throughout this lip scrub in the form of vanilla bean powder, which can also be used for baking or to flavor ground coffee. In this natural form, vanilla is sheerly intoxicating and a stark contrast to synthetic fragrance. Vanilla beans are dried, sometimes by the sun, and then ground to produce the powder form of this culinary powerhouse.

Combine the sugar and vanilla bean powder in a clean container. Drizzle the olive oil on top and keeping stirring until thoroughly combined. This lip scrub contains just enough oil to give the sugar and vanilla mixture a wet sand feel.

When ready to use, take a small amount and gently rub on lips. Rinse clean and leave lips bare or apply your usual makeup. Since this scrub doesn’t leave a sticky or oily residue, it won’t prevent lip color from adhering properly. Use it morning, night, or both for softness.

There’s comfort in knowing what you apply to your lips might just be found in the sweet indulgences you crave, and this natural blend is effective.

“Do they feel soft?”
“Let me see (kiss). Let me try again (kiss). One more time (kiss).”

Whip up some kissable lip scrub, maybe even grab a partner, and try it for yourself.

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