Living Through the Senses

Thirsty Radish is centered on living through the senses, with a focus on the intersection of food, love, and creativity.  Throughout my life I have had the pleasure to indulge in many of my passions.  I am a published poet, mother, former nonprofit arts director, and wife, among many other roles, and I know my way around a kitchen.  Thirsty Radish is for all of the renaissance women and men who pursue life wholeheartedly – who are just as happy exploring a new recipe as they are making strides in their profession.

I look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas on sensual living.  Thirsty Radish is not about the perfect recipe or the most captivating love letter.  It is about taking the time to experience, to create, and to indulge.  I hope to hear from you and share more about myself as we go.  Let’s begin…

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