No Eggs Before Noon

Eggs Benedict

For a new relationship or simply the day, the beginning is important. The hook. The tone. One thing that will not hook me into a beautiful morning is a plate full of eggs. Sure, I love a delicious eggs Benedict, but it struck me while breaking a gorgeous yolk that my eggs are never on the table in the AM hours…even at a restaurant. I don’t eat eggs before noon.

As Americans, high protein breakfasts are pushed on us all the time. Even if it’s not eggs, we are encouraged to find ways to amp up the protein in our oatmeal or to feel quite guilty until lunchtime. Yet with all this talk about proper breakfasts and nutrition, the truth is that way too many of us skip this meal altogether. We’re busy. We’re tired. We don’t even have time to make eggs.

Enter a simple slice of cake, my favorite breakfast, or pastries or delicious breads. Paired with something hot to drink, this type of breakfast still is popular in France and Italy sans the guilt we often associate with it. A little sweetness in the morning, something delicious to drink, and easy preparation. Now that’s a hook.

It’s not just eggs I don’t eat before noon. It’s flax seeds, chia seeds, quinoa, and all sorts of protein-y goodness. That’s the thing. None of them are bad, in fact many of them are delicious, but they just don’t hook me in the morning. They don’t ease me into the day or sustain me any longer than a croissant.

If you’ve been forcing yourself to prepare recipes promising to keep you full, give you energy, or support a fitness routine, maybe now is the time to make sure you’re really enjoying your morning meal. Beginnings are important. Ease up on yourself and slow down for just a moment. Maybe even have a small slice of homemade, unfrosted cake. A tiny bit of savoring sets the tone for your day.

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