Recipe for Romance

Botticelli Birth of Venus

Image: Sandro Botticelli / Birth of Venus

Food and love are intertwined in beautiful and surprising ways. Leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’ll be talking about just that in a series of Recipe for Romance classes. Join me in person to learn about historic aphrodisiacs, food myths and facts, and inspiration for intimate gatherings as we explore the art and science of romantic meals. Dates are listed on the Thirsty Radish Facebook page, and if you don’t see a location near you, I can set up a private class for your group or even kitchen coaching for yourself. Please contact me to discuss all the class options that are available. I’d love to hear from you.

Birth of Venus windIn preparation for Recipe for Romance, I’ve fallen back under the spell of Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans), but my history with the goddess of love goes all the way back to childhood. As a mixture of the handful of redheads and blondes in my family, I was born with peach fuzz that soon turned to strawberry blonde ringlets. Since the name for that color doesn’t pop into one’s head the way brunette or straight blonde might, it often sparked comparisons.

On more than one occasion as a child, I was told that I looked like I stepped out of a Botticelli painting, which sounded exotic and dreamlike until I finally saw Birth of Venus. At that point it sounded more like, “Hey, you look like that naked woman on a shell,” whether it came from the mouth of a nun or a stranger. When a foreigner revived the reference on a college date, it became dreamlike again. All of this is to say that the Italian painter, his ubiquitous work, and the goddess herself have a personal significance to me in the way that our lives become intimately connected to art and legend.

Through Recipe for Romance, I will connect you with some ancient tales and wisdom surrounding food and desire. Or are they myths? I hope to see you at an upcoming program or to schedule a class for you. Along the way, you will discover tips and inspiration for your own intimate occasions.

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