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  • Dill Tzatziki

    Dill Tzatziki

    Often served with grilled meats, tzatziki offers the quintessential flavors that get me craving Greek food. In fact, there are variety of similar yogurt-based dips and sauces from throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East. Serve this version as a dip, a sauce for meat skewers known as souvlaki, or dive right in with some pita. […]

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  • Chile Chive Oil

    chili chive oil

    When I was growing up, cream cheese had one companion – chives. Many, many chives. Bright green and full of flavor, they were delicious confetti. But sometimes I want to add their light, onion flavor to a dish without contributing extra texture or spots of color. Consider corn chowder or lobster bisque. A drizzle of […]