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  • Birthday List

    Birthday Card

    In celebration of my birthday month, I was going to come up with a cake to share, but then I remembered someone else will whip one up. Instead, I am sharing a list of things I adore. Of course I treasure my favorite people, intellectual exchange, true kindness…this is not that list. These are some […]

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  • Kitchen Moves

    Purple Carrots

    Cooking is a vein that runs through my family. When my great-grandfather arrived from Italy, he opened a butcher shop and became known for having the best sausage in the neighborhood. While the store has long since closed, its legacy carries on through stories and the ongoing quest to recreate its recipes. We talk about […]

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  • Earl Grey Cocoa Pecans

    Earl Grey cocoa pecans

    Lately I have been combining chocolate with earthy ingredients like smoked salt. While enjoying some chocolate covered pretzels I had sprinkled with an applewood variety, I had a craving for a strong cup of Earl Grey. Later that night I found myself coming up with these delicious cocoa pecans. As a poet, I love delving […]