• Baking
  • Red Onion Tart

    red onion tart

    Tarts are one of my favorite things to bake…and eat. With the perfect balance of buttery crust and filling, they are a meal on their own. They also make a great side dish or a knockout accompaniment to soup and salad. This red onion and coriander version has a warm flavor and light quality that […]

  • Food
  • Raisin Bread Panzanella

    raisin bread panzanella

    Raisins are tiny yet divisive. During my childhood, the love them or hate them discussion generally arose when discussing meatballs. For my Neapolitan grandfather, the ideal version included raisins (and pine nuts), but he rarely convinced my grandmother to prepare them this way. In honor of his preference, I created a raisin bread panzanella, an […]