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  • Quick Pickled Cherries

    Pickled Cherries in Jar

    “Cherries of the night are riper Than the cherries pluckt at noon” – From “Cherry-Time” by Robert Graves Fresh cherries are one of the addictive pleasures of summer. Sweet and shiny with just enough meatiness to sink your teeth into, they are easy to devour by the bowl. Still, with the abundance of cherries on […]

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  • Earl Grey Cocoa Pecans

    Earl Grey cocoa pecans

    Lately I have been combining chocolate with earthy ingredients like smoked salt. While enjoying some chocolate covered pretzels I had sprinkled with an applewood variety, I had a craving for a strong cup of Earl Grey. Later that night I found myself coming up with these delicious cocoa pecans. As a poet, I love delving […]