Birthday List

Birthday Card

In celebration of my birthday month, I was going to come up with a cake to share, but then I remembered someone else will whip one up. Instead, I am sharing a list of things I adore. Of course I treasure my favorite people, intellectual exchange, true kindness…this is not that list. These are some of the simple pleasures. I hope you will celebrate along with me by enjoying something off my list. (And if you happen to whip up a cake, find me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and share it!)

  • Lobster rolls with lots of butter. Now top that with some more butter. Oh yum.
  • Rainbow sprinkles, especially when the ice cream shop doesn’t skimp. Roll that cone please. When you spoon them on top, they just don’t stick right.
  • Bob Dylan. Period. That was three periods in a row, but he deserves it.
  • LL Cool J. In my dreams I am the Martha to his Snoop.
  • Margaritas and a proper Mexi-feast.
  • Band of Horses at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I’m a sucker for melancholy.
  • Iced tea. If you buy me a tall glass, I will be your friend – even better if you sangria it up with sliced fruit.
  • The poetry of Pablo Neruda, the lines of Gabriel García Márquez, and writing on love, longing, and a pinch of food.
  • Fluffy robes. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Tiny red-headed babies. They are my tribe.
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